Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Seville Expo 92 Stamps and the Expo 92 logo

When I was working at Expo 92 Seville, one of the things I really enjoyed was the Expo 92 stamps that I could use for sending snail mail to various destinations around the world and Australia.

The Spanish Post Office put out an innovative series of stamps featuring the globe logo of the Expo, the mascot Curro, as well as Seville's place in the history of World Expositions.

This particular set, which I purchased on eBay last year, is one of my favourites.

Seville's place in the great world expositions - London 1851, Paris 1889, Brussels 1958, and Osaka 1970

If you look closely at the globe logo, you will see that it goes through four stages - the first one (depicting the Crystal Palace), shows one boat traversing across the Atlantic - representing the voyage taken by Columbus in 1492 across to America, the reason for the Seville 1992 Expo; the yellow lines on subsequent globes represent the progress in human exploration around the globe, with the final globe - representing the Expo 92 logo - (depicted here with the Osaka 70 Tower of the Sun) representing the completely mapped out earth in terms of 'discovery' - the theme of the Seville Expo.

One can also look at the globe logo for Seville as being a visual pun - the orange coloured globe logo of the Expo rather looks like an orange - and Seville - from it's early origins - was famous world wide for it's oranges.

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