Monday, October 31, 2011

Australia Pavilion Korea Yeosu Expo 2012 Recruitment Launched!

Please find following official Press Release from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade with regards to the launch of recruitment for staff at the Australia Pavilion, Korea Yeosu Expo 2012.

Please note that Australian applications for positions close on 25 November.

Good luck with your application and let's hope we have a brilliant team for the Pavilion when it opens next year!

Further questions regarding the Australian Pavilion recruitment and staffing should be directed to the Australia Pavilion website.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Turkey, Thailand, Russia and Brazil compete for Expo 2020

With the 2 November bid closure date just a few days away, Sao Paulo Brazil and Ekanteriberg Russia have put in their last minute bids to the Bureau of International Expositions in Paris.

This makes a total of 4 official bids for the 6-month 2020 Universal Exposition, with as of yet no bid from much expected contender Silicon Valley USA, which was launched by then Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Shanghai World Expo last year.

Also missing is a bid from Australia, where it was hoped that a 2020 World Exposition could be used as the centrepiece for a 1770-2020 250th Anniversary of Captain James Cook claiming Australia for Great Britain.

It is hoped that Australia will be able to host an International Garden Exposition for the 2020 year instead.

With thanks to French World Expositions consultant Laurent Le Mog, our man in Paris, for the news with regards to these bids.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Yeosu Expo 2012 Korea 198 Days to Go!

Australia is soon to commence recruitment for its Pavilion at Expo 2012, with an announcement to be made in the next week.

This is an exciting phase in the development of Australia's representation at Yeosu, which according to some sources, plans to be 'the best Pavilion' at Expo 2012.

Also in related news, Think! OTS Media, the creative agency behind Australia's Pavilion at Aichi 2005, and also Shanghai 2010, has been appointed as creative agency for Australia at Yeosu 2012.

Here's a note from the Think! OTS Media blog, with regards to their appointment:

And here's a Press Release from the Expo 2012 website with regards to a visit by Australia Pavilion officials in August to the Yeosu Organising Committee. In the Press Release, Mr Kevin Nixon is named as the Pavilion Director:

In another note, we finish with this photograph from the Foundation Expo '88 vault, of Executive Director John McGregor at his desk at the Press Center of the Taejon International Exposition of Korea of 1993, Korea's first and most previous World Exposition. The Executive Director was employed as an English-language Press Writer by the Organising Committee of the Fair, and covered daily events such as National Days, visiting dignitaries, and general Exposition events. This was the Executive Director's third World Exposition engagement, after working for Japan at Brisbane's World Expo '88, and Spain, for the Universal Exposition of Seville 1992.

Foundation Expo '88 hopes to - one way or another - have another go at working for Korea - or Australia - at this next Expo in Korea! Keep tuned to this space for more information.