Thursday, December 30, 2010

World Expo '88 Official Guides

The World Expo '88 Official Guides were easily distinguishable by their bright canary yellow uniforms and hats, and were designed by prominent Australian fashion designer, Prue Acton.

Image courtesy of official souvenir Guide Book "Expo 88 Memories" Sydney G Hughes Publisher 

They featured the official World Expo '88 logo, by Ken Cato, as part of the design.

Guides of the Expo Authority had largely a symbolic role to play, manning booths at entrances to the Expo, guiding special VIP Guests of the Expo from one Pavilion to the next, and answering general questions.

In contrast, here I am in my Japan Pavilion Attendant uniform, taken near the World Expo '88 art work, "Orbit".

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