Thursday, December 23, 2010

2020 and an Australian Exposition bid: AusExpo2020

Well, by now you would have read the progression in this development, from Expo 2020 Olympiad Uluru (the original concept), to the Captain Cook 250th Anniversary Celebrations Citizens Committee, to the Brisbane Expo 2020 Olympiad.

Now as more mature bidders have entered the field, such as the Silicon Bay bid, Thailand, and Dubai, the question is which Australian city will be willing to put in a bid for 2020 - or will we wait until it is too late.

The AusExpo2020 logo

AusExpo2020 was started in October 2010 with a Twitter page, at, and it attempts to bring together a new potential opportunity for Australia - an international Garden Expo for 2020.

Whilst conversations are confidential at the moment, there are many established Australian players that would like to see an International Garden Exposition come to Australia for the 2020 year - highlighting the important contribution made by Sir Joseph Banks in furthering the knowledge of Australian flora.

This is perhaps the strongest opportunity for an Expo for Australia in 2020 at the moment.

We hope that things will progress in positive steps in the next few months.

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