Thursday, December 23, 2010

Seville 92

Until Shanghai 2010, I really thought Seville 92 was the greatest, and it probably was too....

Size of the site, number of Pavilions - Seville set a lot of records - also as the last Universal Exposition of the 20th century, I think Seville has a lot to be remembered for...

Seville was also my personal favourite because I worked there, and because I spent so much time preparing myself for the Spanish Expo - travelling to Seville a year before it started, learning Spanish, returning a month before it started for an interview - it was all quite an adventure really.

But Shanghai - broke records in every regard and also created that fantastical wonderland of architectural statements that only Universal Expositions can.

And the Chinese also certainly have to be given credit for taking the World Expositions mould and re-vitalising it for the 21st century. Not only that, but making Shanghai a record-breaker in every regard. And the Chinese also handled their international protocol faultlessly.

In the few events I attended for BIE Day at the end of the Expo, everything went like clockwork, and with such faultless grace, it was amazing to see the execution of it all.

Whilst Seville is nothing but a memory now, I'm sure I'll be continued to be inspired by the wow factor of Shanghai for some time to come.

And will those records ever be broken??? Very hard to say....

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