Friday, September 19, 2014

Still Awaiting Official Response from Minister for Trade

We are still awaiting the official  response from the Australian Government Minister for Trade as to why Australia could not be represented at Milano World Expo 2015, with a Government or private enterprise funded Pavilion.

Whether there is an Australian presence at Milano or not, it is important to hold the Government accountable for its decisions, so that it is on the record that its decisions do not go un-noticed. as well as establishing better guidelines for future Australian participation at World Expositions.

Not enough money, in this day of free-enterprise and Government liaison, is simply not a good enough response from the Federal Government.

An Australian Government facilitated and Australian-Italian free-enterprise funded Pavilion should have been the ticket the Australian Government should have promoted, and which could have been a great success.

We still have hope for some Australian representation at Milano, but an Australian Government Pavilion alas, looks to be, and for some time now, a no hoper.

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